Novo Amor


Music Video • Online Campaign

The music video Birthplace for Novo Amor tells the symbolic story of a man arriving on a perfect earth, who encounters his nemesis in the form of ocean trash. With this video, Studio Birthplace raise awareness for the plastic pollution emergency in the oceans and hope to inspire others to become a part of the change.

"We wanted the viewer to fall in love with the beauty of the ocean, and then break their heart as ocean trash takes over."

They collaborated with a local community in Bali to build a life-size 13-meter prop whale. The whale was constructed from bamboo and covered with real waste, for which they worked together with a group of school kids who were picking trash in the jungle, in return for books and pencils.

"Maybe people learn better through a story, and music, than to being confronted directly and frightened into action." Michael Boards, Actor, UK record holder freediver

Because we can feel helpless in the face of such a complex problem as plastic pollution, Studio Birthplace wanted to offer the viewer ideas on how they can become part of the change - they collaborated with Craig Leeson, director of the Plastic Oceans Organisation, to create a website with things that you can do: