Room 6 exists to provide the most curious, crafted and conceptual live events and experiences for both physical audiences and digital platforms.

Room 6 is a creative events and experiential production studio sitting at the heart of Park Village. Combining creative thinking, production expertise and our in-house studio setup, we host and create live experiences, events and non-traditional AV content.

Working alongside our collective of designers, producers and crackpot collaborators, we specialise in producing experiential and hybrid events, live experiences or unique moving image content for any platform. We can produce as much or as little of your experience as you need, from simple venue hire, to full end to end creative production.

Our producers work with agencies, brands, artists and independent companies to create events and content tailored to any audience. From live streaming a virtual performance from our studios or developing a special build DOOH experience, to producing an immersive event, or creating audience targeted influencer content, we're led by design, technology and production experience to foster innovation, embrace collaboration, and indulge the non-traditional, from ideation to delivery.

We have hosted or designed events, content and experiences for the likes of Sony, BMW, Dom Perignon, MTV, Boston Consulting Group, FRIEZE, Dior, AirBnB, BBC and Lacoste.