Naga DBB

Endangered Humanity

Campaign Video

A girl reminisces about her days growing up in the remote plains of Mongolia, where families and reindeer coexisted in harmony before the land was affected by climate change.

Indigenous cultures are amongst the first to pay the price of climate change, often pushing them to the brink of extinction. This crisis is directly linked to our consumer culture.

This short film was produced for Malaysian agency Naga DDB, and their Endangered Humanity campaign, which set out to offer insight into how climate change is affecting indigenous cultures even in the furthest corner of the world. It also brings attention to how climate change is affecting Malaysians - by 2030, 25% of Malaysia’s population will be displaced thanks to climate change.

Please to learn about 7 other indigenous cultures under threat by climate change, and what we can do as consumers to live simply so that others may simply live.