James Morgan

Kazakh Eagle Hunters

Bajau Laut • Sea Nomads

James Morgan Photographer, Bolivia's Chipaya

Bolivia’s Chipaya

Cholitas • Bolivia

War on Wildlife Crime

James Morgan, WWF, Ittoqqortoormiit




Papua New Guinea

Wolf Hunting in Siberia

James's award winning stills work exemplifies his deep affinity and skill for showcasing the planet and its rich cultural stories.  

His work has been published by major editorial titles, exhibited internationally and contributed to debates and policy change on environmental and indigenous rights issues. James’s work perfectly compliments Park Village's ethos to create impactful work that both entertains and drives positive change for the planet and its people.


Winner Wildscreen Cinematography Award 2016

Winner Travel Photographer of the Year ‘Nature and Environment’ 2015

Special Jury Award New York Wild Film Festival 2015

Winner Jackson Hole Grand Teton Award 2015

Winner UNESCO/HPA Documentary Award 2015

Winner Magnum 30 under 30 award 2014

Shortlisted Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

Winner Magenta Flash Forward 2013

Winner Beneath the Waves Film Festival 2013

Winner Travel Photographer of the Year ‘Video’ 2012

Finalist Travel Photographer of the Year 2012

Winner Best Environmental Short IOW Film Festival 2012

Winner People and Planet International 2012

Runner Up Sony World Photography Awards 2012

Runner Up Fotoweek DC Awards 2011

Winner People’s Choice Award Foto8 Summershow 2011

Nominated Joop Swart Masterclass 2011

Winner Travel Photographer of the Year ‘Encounters’ 2010

Nominated Newscast Young Photographer of the Year 2010

Shortlisted Ian Parry Award 2010

Runner Up Photo-philanthropy Activist Award 2010

Shortlisted Terry O Neil Award 2010

Shortlisted Travel Photographer of the Year 2009

Winner Royal Photographic Society Bursary 2009 


HORNIMAN MUSEUM & GARDENS • About the Art: Award-winning director and photographer James Morgan set out to capture the lives of the Bajau Laut, the world’s last true marine nomads.

NEW YORK TIMES • Among the Seafaring Nomads of Asia