Gareth Williams

Park Village, Uniqlo, Gareth Williams, Photographer

Uniqlo x It's Nice That


The Art of Crocs, Gareth Williams

The Art of Crocs

Stuff Left • Series

Park Village, Margaret Howell x Fred Perry Wallpaper Magazine, Gareth Williams, Photographer

Fred Perry x Margaret Howell • Wallpaper*

Channel 4 • Idents

Park Village, Melody, Tourist Kid, Gareth Williams

Tourist Kid • Album art work

Park Village, Sindroms, Gareth Williams

Same Repeated Sequel

Montblanc x Wallpaper*

Luxury London

Park Village, Gareth Williams

From the Studio • Series

Park Village, Window Series, Gareth Williams

Window • Series

Reflected Light • Series


Gareth is an award winning visual artist working with photography and film. His work is precise, refined yet playful and imaginative, exploring narratives through combining humour & abstraction. Gareth’s recently self-published book Stuff Left reveals the strange chaos that exists behind the scenes of photography and hopes to make us better consider the magnitude of objects we acquire and discard. His interest in environmental issues has informed his work of late, especially his long term documentary project that is currently on-going.