We are proud to be a member of the Ad Net Zero steering group and Albert, a signatory of the Creative Industry Pact and a partner of One Tree Planted and Carbon Aware Productions to measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are committed to following and promoting good sustainability practices across all of our activities, both on location and in our studios, guided by a comprehensive eco-audit in 2019.

Our productions adhere to industry guidelines to ensure we take the practical steps needed to limit our emissions.

Some of the measures we have taken at our studios include:

ENERGY USAGE All energy used by the studios will be generated from 100% renewable sources by August 2021.

CARBON OFFSET While accepting that offsetting is a last step rather than a first, we measure and offset the carbon footprint of each of our productions as well as offering studio and event clients the opportunity to offset their productions.

TRANSPORT Electric vehicles and cargo bicycles are used where possible for local deliveries. We encourage all team and crew to use greener forms of transport and include cycle racks in our outside spaces.

WASTE & RECYCLING We partner with First Mile, a zero-to-landfill waste collection company that helps us leave a greener footprint with our business waste used to generate green energy. We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, coffee cups, coffee grounds and compost food waste and compostable packaging as well as freecycling equipment we no longer need.

CATERING We source local and seasonal produce from carefully selected suppliers. More than 50% of our in-house catering menus are vegan or vegetarian and we prioritise chicken and sustainable seafood over beef, pork, or lamb. We use use real crockery and cutlery and biodegradable or compostable disposable food packaging.

WATER We provide filtered water in our studios as standard and encourage the use of refillable bottles.

PRINTING We ask the team and crew not to print call sheets, creative documents, schedules, scripts or boards, etc. unless absolutely necessary. We use 100% recycled paper when printing.

CLEANING We use eco-friendly, plant-based, cruelty-free cleaning products in our studios.