We are thrilled to welcome director Anya Koshka Neon to the Park Village Film roster.

Anya Koshka Neon is an LA based director at the forefront of the Metaverse revolution. Her expertise lies in crafting interactive metaverse spaces and pioneering new advertising formats for brands - with an unwavering commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology. Her work showcases an harmonious blend of technical mastery and artistic finesse, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity, weaving captivating and immersive virtual experiences. Her projects are vibrant, contemporary, and forward-thinking, aligning perfectly with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Working in close collaboration with a team of professional artists to develop content, Anya Koshka Neon’ portfolio of work spans beyond traditional advertising and music videos, with full CGI projects, metaverse creations, AI innovations, NFTs and web3 initiatives. Her ability to infuse each project with unique creativity has led to collaborations with brands like Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Sabo, Deversee, Restore, YouDrive and Samsung.

Embracing the mystical allure of her namesake "Koshka”, meaning "cat”, she brings a sense of wonder and magic to her work. She is currently working on an AI-powered animated film, "Photon” set to debut at Sundance, after having the teaser premiering at the 50th Biennale Venice Film Festival.