We’re are stoked to welcome award-winning directing duo GoshDamn to the Park Village family for representation in UK & Europe 💥

GoshDamn is the director duo of Josh Lawson & Dan Vallint-Riggs. They have a knack for bringing together charming nuances of human performance with a flare for eye-catching camera techniques and high concept transitions. GoshDamn have developed a unique style that delivers authentic and dynamic storytelling, with the twist of light hearted performance. Their creative workflow is an effective combination of their individual strengths as directors: Josh brings an artistic and technical approach to the visual process whilst Dan uses his natural talent for casting, narrative and storytelling. Predominantly working in commercials and branded content, they hold a formidable catalogue of global clients, having worked with the likes of Google, Greenpeace, Barbour, Honda, Toyota & Netflix.

☞ check out their reel

GoshDamn says: “After a few years being out on our own, we're extremely hyped to have found a new home at Park Village. We're excited to count ourselves amongst such a fantastic roster, not to mention the extended PV family we've already had the pleasure of working with. We've very much hit the ground running with a team that clearly understands the work we want to do, and the way in which we want to make it.”

Adam Booth | Managing Partner & EP says: “It’s been a real pleasure watching GoshDamn’s work develop, and having produced for them recently we were not only blown away by Josh and Dan’s presence and personality on set, but their creative process and flair for light hearted comedic moments naturally led to us making room on the roster for them. It’s a joy to produce for them and we’re really excited about their future with us. Every brief is seen as an opportunity for them to show what they are capable of, and personally I can’t wait to see where the journey takes them.”

Savannah Seymour | Talent Representative says: “I’m so pleased to welcome the creative force, GoshDamn, to the Park Village family. I can’t wait to begin showing off their reel, with such diverse work it’s going to be awesome to fanfare their arrival. I’m chuffed to be able to play a part building on the current enthusiasm around them.”

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